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As the name suggest the purpose of the management survey is to manage asbestos containing materials during the normal use of a property. The survey involves a very thorough inspection of all parts of a property. The aim is to identify and assess all asbestos containing materials which could potentially be disturbed during routine maintenance.

The survey is usually arranged by the duty holder who is the person responsible for the maintenance or repair of the property:


  • The duty to manage only applies to non-domestic properties or common parts of domestic properties
  • The survey will typically involve sampling – so minor disturbance to asbestos
  • The survey will include an assessment of the likely fibre release of each ACM
  • The survey report should include recommendations, risk assessments and drawings showing the location of the ACMs
  • It is important to provide access to all areas
  • Any areas not accessed must be presumed to contain asbestos


  • Always check the experience & competency of the actual surveyor (not the company). Contact us and we’d be happy to help.
  • Ask for insurance details and evidence of previous work
  • Ensure the survey will be carried in accordance with the guidance document issued by the Health & Safety Executive – HSG264 Asbestos – The Survey Guide
  • Ask for a sample report – check that it is clear and unambiguous and floor plans are included – get in touch to request an example report
  • Check whether sample analysis is included or an additional extra
  • Does the surveying company also have an interest in asbestos removal – make sure you will be getting impartial recommendations and advice
  • All DAF surveyors have over ten years direct surveying experience, inspecting the full range of buildings