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Both mortgage lenders and solicitors advise new home buyers to ask for an asbestos survey before they exchange the contracts. As well as establishing whether the property contains asbestos, an asbestos report also identifies whether or not the property value will be negatively affected.


  • A homebuyers report does not constitute an asbestos survey but may point to possible asbestos containing materials – it may recommend having an asbestos survey carried out by a trained and competent surveyor
  • Pre purchase asbestos surveys either involves a Management level survey or sampling certain products you may be worried about
  • Do not request refurbishment/demolition surveys prior to completion, even if you are planning to do work when you move in, you may be hit with hefty re-instatement costs if the sale falls through
  • Don’t rely on the small amount of suspect materials potentially identified on the homebuyers report – asbestos was used in thousands of products and there may be additional items the general surveyor is unaware of
  • Always consider getting a survey completed for properties constructed prior to 2000 – remember the costs for removal could be into the £1000s compared with the relatively cost effective survey fee
  • Check to ensure the survey will be carried out in accordance with the guidance document issued by the Health & Safety Executive – HSG26 Asbestos: The Survey

Still unsure whether you need to survey? Please do get in touch with any questions you might have.